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If anyone noticed a rise in my noticing their LJs in the past week or so (actually I don't know if you have, I don't post an awful lot still...), it was due greatly to the fact that I was flipping through my friend's list during work. But the tricky IT people!! THEY HAVE BANNED LJ!!! ;O;

To compound it, they also banned And while I would normally not mind this, I was reading!! They can't take away both of them at the same time, can they? I nearly fell asleep at work today, from a compoundment of both boredom and lack-of-sleep-last-night.

Unrelated and yet still related to work, I bought a bus pass today. Which has drained my wallet of $80 cash, which leaves it despairingly close to empty. But I have my Visa and I can withdraw more money, so I shall be fine this week. But still. $80. All at once. My heart bleeds because I could've bought a Cloud & Fenrir figure with that and instead I get an ugly and flimsy little bit of pink cardboard.

Sigh. Well, whatever. I need some serious distractions. I want j-drama. Especially if they're cute and involve either Kimura Takuya or Matsumoto Jun. Mostly Jun right now because... I don't know. Oh right. Aylengyr (I do hope that's right... otherwise I really will have to put more thought into renaming you :3) and his merciless teasing with Jun's sexy ass. Quite literally. Steph wants. Badly.

Laizuki-chan, you watch lots of j-drama don't you? Can you recommend me (/send me links to download them!! Steph likes those!!) any with the precious boy in them? I've seen Kimi Wa Petto and Gokusen and perhaps another one, but I can't remember. :3 Help feed the Steph more crack?

She appreciates links to fanfic too. She is horribly behind in fanfic of all genres, including her own. Did she ever even link her writing/art journal publically? Well. Please read/friend.

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