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Steph was hit by a car this morning.

And no, she is not hurt. She has retained all external body parts, and has not gained even a single bruise. Nor has she gained any money, because oddly enough, she was in a hurry to get to work this morning instead of milking the opportunity as much as it was worth.

Moral-deficiency aside, I'm pretty sure I had the right of way. Pedestrian status aside.

Steph: *walking in straight line*
Car: *stops to let other car pass, as it wants to make a left turn*
Steph: *walks across exit to mall parking lot, still in straight line*
Car: *stomps on gas pedal into a fast turn to avoid another car coming down the same road*
Steph: ZOMG.
Car: *thunk*
Steph's leg: Ow.
Steph: *falls back*
Steph's ass: Ow.
Steph: WTF?
Driver: *gets out*
Steph: ...??!!!
Driver & Steph: *screechflailyellcursegesticulate*
Girlfriend: *sits in car, sips tea*
Driver: *drives off in huff*
Steph: ...*cannot see license plate because of several layers of filth*
Steph: *snarlgrowl, is late for work*

So yes. The end. And I lost the mail key. And then Rita found it. *squishes happily because then Steph does not have to face the wrath of Paul--well. Insofar as she gave it to him and he turned and handed it to me and said "Don't lose again."*

Oh and I missed the bus today. Twice. And then I fell asleep on the bus and woke up being the only one left and not-knowing where I was. So yes. That made me already late. And then the car incident. Which made me late for my Marketing meeting. Which then made my manager late for her manager's board meeting.

...But I am apparently doing a good job at work. Despite having done a large load of... erm... nothing, for the past week and something.

Not getting paid this week. ;(
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