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I have the Cloud figurine now. :3 And it was on sale. :3 That makes Steph happy. So now I have both Seph and Cloud now. Had I a camera (and... if Sephiroth weren't back at home), there would be many naughty pictures that have probably already been spammed halfway across the globe and then some already. But... eee~

And... what else.

Did I ever mention that I cut off my hair? o.O; I think I mentioned it to several people, but I don't know if I made a post about it. Steph hacked off about 4-5 inches of her hair off, so now it's all short and... stuff. o.O; Yeah. So who knew? EH? EH?

...This is a very boring post. I think I'm going to go and avoid the world again.

...Oh yeah. And I'm writing a Mary Sue. Heh.

*runs before anyone can catch me*

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