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Flying-L'Arc-Attack on 14 Feb 2002


Theme-A Chocolate for Yukki !

(liv-Sorry it's not very good translation but I hope you understand... )

DJ (Mr Hisashi Yamada) : Today is valentine day ! hyde, what is the most amount of chocolates you have received on Valentine's day ?
hyde : e- ? I don't know. Maybe three chololates ? One was from my mum, and from my grand mum...
DJ : oh !! (you're joking !) Really ? You weren't popular in grammer school and highh school ?
h : In the beginning of new term I'm popular, but at the end of the term.. I'm not.
DJ : Oh... February is in the last half term. . so. . that means you had done something wrong by then ?
h : probably... (laugh)
DJ : I think you are just being modest.. OK, . ... have you given chocolates to someone ?
h : e ? No, I haven't.
DJ : Oh, hyde . . I want you to give a chocolate to someone tonight.... the person is .. Yukki ! While hyde is in London, Yukki performed live in Japan. Only hyde wasn't able to attend it among L'Arc. Yukki must have wanted you to come to see the concert. So I want you to give him a chocolate, which is his favourite sweet. We provided a chocolate and a card for you.. only you have to do is write it down a messege on this card.
h : oh, God... It sounds we are homesexuals ....

hyde's message to Yukki :
Dear Yukki,
I'm sorry that I coundn't go to your live concert.
I'm going next time. Oh, I haven't seen you playing
for a long time... I 'll promise that I will go your next show.
See you then.

*bounces in chair* *is in library* *not good* Yes, I'm being drawn further and further into my obsession. And I DON'T CARE! HA!

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