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Update o' life. I think the last big thing I mentioned was my Cloud. Oh my Cloud. And I can't see him right now. *sighs dramatically, and angsts over the pain of distant separation* And so I'm going to put stuff down. Note earlier ahead that I can't see anything at all right now, so this is being typed with only the memory of exactly where the keys on my keyboard are. If there are mistakes, forgive me. Explanations come later. ^_~;

Anyway. Weekend involved doing Oakvilley things with Laura and Sarah--which involved sushi, dinner, lounging in Laura's basement, and no ritual sacrifices. Conversation involved descriptions of Sarah's sex life, Laura's reminscences of her sex life, and Steph's keeping quiet about her own lack of a sex life. Which works for me anyway, I've been on the making-conversation end of things for so long, I've found I've gotten tired of it. Seeing as I'm not really a conversation-makey person anyway, as I'm sure most people who've experienced my eventually-silenced conversations with attest to (I'm glancing your way, Ryu-kun). Oh and how Steph wouldn't make a good wife. Tsks self for her ability to spill water. And continue doing so. Yes, that's right.

Movie was terrible. But there was crossdressing and half-naked boys with beautiful mouths and lickable bodies. So it was still slightly salvageable. Even with Amanda Bynes. o.o;

Uncle came on Sunday. Steph had to leave early to go meet him at airport, bring him to aunt's house, converse with him/listen to stories of asian pickpocketing (sneaky bastards ^_^) and then take him to dinner. It was yummy. And then I got back to apartment early. Beat Paul. Whoo.

Monday had me working overtime. I just hope I get paid for it. I'm hesitant to ask just yet as it doesn't sound polite, but I'm going to have to 'cause damn it, I want money. I was there 'til ~7 when I generally end at 5. Damn board meeting. Damn manager making me switch the meeting time until an hour before we're all supposed to leave, therefore making us stay two hours afterwards. Steph was tired. Dan drove Steph back. Steph got yelled at on phone by mother because she had a headache and she had come home late inconveniencing Paul. ;( Not nice day.

Tuesday didn't have anything interesting to relate. Steph fell asleep early, even. Today I went swimming. I don't have goggles. And so my eyes got so much chlorine in them, I can't see anymore. No, I literally can't. What I'm typing? Bluuuuur. At least I've stopped crying though. Plus. Hope I can still work tomorrow. @.@; Would be upsetting if I have to call in to a number that I do not know. ^^;

Shart has been inked. You do not know who he is. Nor will you, until perhaps later. ^_^;

And Steph has found she is a slight camwhore. Insofar as she dug up old pictures of herself. And noticed she has a nice mouth. Weird thing to notice, but damn I have nice lips. o.O; Never mind that I generally think they take over my entire face, but. Huh. Yay. :3

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If I remembered how to bend PSP to my will, I'd probably iconosize myself. As is, playing with colors is all I'm doing. ^^; Shameless sometimes. I agree myself.
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