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I'm not going to buy anything. No. Do not show me. NO.

...I know it's not a lot that I'm spending, and that I'm freaking out over very little right now, but I'm buying things left right and center and that's not good for me, 'cause if I start I'm going to keep on going.

So. Purchases for April. (Besides textbooks which are required.)

Moon Child LE Box (because it needs to keep KnT company, and it's going at a relatively cheap price for something that's no longer in stock most places)
Fur Capelet/miscellaneous accessories Impulse bid that I kind of regret now, but no one's there to outbid me so I'm going to have to deal with it. I'll eventually have a chance to wear it, I suppose. Maybe when I get officially launched into society, and I have to dress up to meet all the doctors I'm expected to marry. ^_^;
FF Doujinshi No one DARE outbid me on these. I want them. Badly. FF Fan is love, and the other one has Pikachu in it. FFVII and Pikachu. MINE.
Skirt MAYBE. If it's still there and if I can bring myself to do it. I probably won't have the heart/funds for it, but... ungh...

But yes. Please remind me. Don't let me give in to the Hyde love and lust for his Faith first press LE CD. ;o;

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