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And I forgot to mention

Uh... more accidents. Again I was NOT HURT. (because last time I managed to scare Laura, and I'd rather not do that again >.<)

So, I was walking to the bus stop from working today, and I stop at the street corner in order to wait for the light to change. (Side note: this is almost exactly the same place where I actually did get hit by a car.) So, while I'm waiting, a blue car is waiting for the light to change in order to turn left. Well, the light changes, and then it starts to turn like it's supposed to, because you don't just stand there in the middle of the road blocking two lanes. So, while it's trying to turn, another car (silver, large car) tries to run the red light. They collide, there's a loud smashing, crumpling and skidding sound and they skid. Right towards me. I had a "Holy. fuck." moment. But they stopped about half a lane away. And then the blue car turned and drove towards me and stopped and the two people got out. (They're Asian. They take the shock well it seems.) They immediately came up to me and the girl (Jamie) asks "Did you see what happened? Can you be our witness?"

I replied something to the basic point of "Holy fuck, get back in that car and turn off the fucking engine, your gasoline is spewing out and it's parked right next to me." (Except there was no swearing. But that was what I was thinking. I was standing right next to a potentially explosive vehicle leaking fuel into the gutter at my feet. Holy shit.) So they did, and so I told them yes, I'd stand for their witness, gave them my name and number. This took about twenty minutes or so, and in the process, I watched my bus drive away. (;_;)

I will also add that the driver of the other car never got out, and never moved from the middle of the freaking street. Cars were trying to drive around him, and nearly failing, he was so inconsiderate.

So anyway, I wait for the light again, the light goes green, little white man light goes on, I start crossing.

But you know the thing about accidents. People like looking at them. Like... everyone. So, as I was trying to cross, this lady was trying to turn left.

Yes, right into me. So I leap backwards, and she slams on the brakes, and she starts apologizing profusely. And since this is such a difference from that bastard not too long ago, that I smile politely, and let it go and continue crossing the road, never mind that she was in a large shiny truck that would have done me a hell of a lot of damage had she collided with me.

...And then Jamie would have had to have been MY witness. Or the other 50-odd cars crowded around the intersection. But yeah. I got on the bus, transferred, walked home and nothing else happened. Thus, my eventful day.

Now for a story that I have half-told to people but not fully.

Again, this story involves me standing at the street corner, waiting for the light to change. And as I'm waiting, I just stand there looking dreamily around me because it's a gorgeous day (this week has been lovely) when suddenly something large goes and hits me on the head. I turn around and see a Bible lying on the ground. I'd been hit in the head with a Bible. It was the small kind, the ones missionaries like to hand out, not the huge hardcover kinds they give you at... Confirmation (I think?) otherwise I think I'd be slightly dead. Or dented.

So I looked up, and there on the third or fourth story, there's an open window, and a guy's staring out at me. And he wasn't all "are you okay?" or even "uh, can you give me back my Bible?" He was all frowning and disapproving glare.

And so here I was going "WTF did he just throw a Bible at my head?" and he keeps glaring at me! So I walk away. And yes, I left the Bible there. It might have been diseased. Insanity's catching, after all. Ronsen suggested I burn it, but despite everything I'm still Catholic, and even most normal people don't go around burning Bibles. He'd have probably followed it up with chucking a flaming torch of fiery retribution at me if I even tried it.

....So yes. Steph had a Bible purposely thrown at her head. Jesus loves me.

And this amused me.

kon3ko32: mm... God's watching over you, sweetie. :3
kon3ko32: its an.. omen. o_o
kon3ko32: go to church.

I love my sister.
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