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New layout!

Obviously not made by me, I yoinked it off of freelayouts. It's not really in my style, but I like it, and it will keep for now. Especially since this is one of the few times the damned header image actually shows up.

It could have been my fault. I hadn't realized the first time I altered the code for my journal, that I'd missed a link. And that I hadn't had a website listed. I'd been sure I did. But obviously, my memory sucks. But it works now. Click the stars, the stars! Or just hover over them! Aren't they happy? *is too pleased with simple things, just 'cause they're on own journal*

In other news, no one updates while I'm at work. Or comments. Or emails me. Or really, is online. ;( I want company and there is no one. *is so lonely--or something*

This just makes me want to go on eBay again. But I will not. I will NOT.

[EDIT]: I went a little overboard with layout-snatching. So I have now changed dearestophelia's layout too. It's perfect and just what I wanted. *is happy* And after that, I changed my sister's. Now I'm egging her to make a writing journal so I can use someone else's layout for that too.

...Using my own layouts never made me this excited, but I'm clearly not L33T enough to make them. ;p
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