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Day of Not-Nice-ness

So, I went to bed last night feeling awful. And then I got up, and revisited my dinner in the bathroom. Ever so pleasant an experience, that. And I woke up this morning, called in sick at work, and collapsed back into bed until Paul noticed my shoes were still there and knocked, informing me it was already 11 and I was rather late for work. Upon finding out I was ill, he made me lunch. I kind of feel bad, since he skipped a class in order to do it, but he insisted.

In any case, the bad weather has also given me a headache, as it likes to do when it's all rainy. I can't stand the light when the weather's like this, but my room is the brightest in the place, which I am usually grateful for 'cause it's nice at night, but not when I want it dark.

So yes. Have paid for all my purchases and am waiting for them to come in. Vicki's pants should be coming in soon at any rate, and we'll see if we can cram her ass into them, because I'm rather skeptical on how accurately they measured their sizes prior to selling them. We've both gained weight lately (more noticeably on me than on her) and it works as incentive or something I guess.

It's started raining, now. And I don't think Paul took an umbrella to school... he's going to get all wet, and he's not dressed for the rain. ;( I don't think I'm going to Center Point either. I think I'll try to go to sleep again and see if I feel well enough to make dinner/go swimming later tonight.

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