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All right, already this month (and this month, I might add has only been going on for all of 3 and a half days), I have spent $167.80. And previously, I had promised to myself that I would not be buying anything more. I promptly broke that resolution by buying a pretty green headdress (that in retrospect probably doesn't fit with anything I currently own, but that's never stopped me before).

So yes. Why on Earth am I buying a pair of wings now? Especially with all my intentions of making my own pair, being perfectly capable of making them (were I at home >.>;). Ugh, I have no willpower.

Clearly I need to get my ass off of LJ, since the most frequent posts on my F-list are almost all from garagesalejapan and egl. But I don't want to. No one is online anymore while I'm at work (presumably because KH2 consumes the soul ^_^) and so I'm bored. It gets even boring when I'm done checking my 260 entry skip and have reread entries I've already reread.

It's also snowing. ~_~; SNOWING. I don't want snow. I'm so tired of snow. I have a long ways to walk today (because I didn't bring a quarter AGAIN) and I'm going to have to cross The Intersection, and I'd rather it not be freezing cold while I try to accomplish that.

In other news, I feel a bit better. And am in fact at work. Fancy that.

Skipping a day still means I lose $80 off my paycheck this month. *angsts*

I am also going swimming today. I don't care if Paul's too lazy to go or not. :3 Which means braving my pool fear. I have no idea when I acquired a pool fear. I don't think I actually do. It's hard to imagine a shark eating me. I think I'm just afraid of being alone and moving with my eyes closed. That kind of stuff.

...Clearly blindfolding is not high up on my list of kinks. Which reminds me that it's one of Kuribug's. Which reminds me that I owe her fic. But I don't want to write it at work. Decisions, decisions...

I also don't know how to do my last two Java assignments. Like... at all. And as wonderful as Dan is, I don't understand how to do half the stuff he tells me to do. Which worries me. Especially when my laptop enjoys being in a snit and shutting off for no reason at all after 3 minutes of on time and deletes my work. I have to go back and consume the textbook. And then perhaps another textbook for good measure.

Oooh, it's now 2. I have been successful in wasting time. :3 I am now going on fantasy_models (being newly accepted) and looking for people I can draw. Or fluffy bunnies. I remember seeing fluffy bunnies there. I have never drawn a fluffy bunny. Perhaps now is a good time to try. :3

Forgive the long, pointless post. I do this from time to time. ^^;
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