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I am slightly sleepy now, but I want to post. So I'm posting. See me post.

Anyhow. Today--er... yesterday now--was a nice day. Lovely weather. Got to sleep in.

Last night I came home early (oi oi people, I took both the subway and the train all by myself ^_^!) which meant that I was still around when people were awake (and not at my usual 2:30 in the morning). So, while I waited up for Dad to come home from his jaunt down to Toronto, I kept Mum and Vicki up with me. Because I talk alot. And I like talking with them. Even if it leaves me crying, 'cause my mom's threatened that my dad just might think of disowning me. Which is a little hard to take, because that's always been implied, never said right out. But yeah. there we are. So somehow everything seems to have come to a head right at Anime North. Silly thing that, to base the rest of my life on three days' worth of otaku, but there it is. I go, I get kicked out. Huh.

One of my defense mechanisms is always set to auto. Which means I try to be happy. All the time. Which works for me. Being angsty just doesn't suit for long periods of time. In being so, I managed to change the subject. The three of us started discussing penises. Yeah, me, my mom and my 15-year-old sister. Heh. If you know my mother, you will know how utterly wacky that is. But yes. It's hard to be indignant when you're laughing at our penis stories. And hell if Vicki doesn't have the best penis stories. (And no, not like that.)

Our conversation eventually gravitated to bed, where we lounged around and I continued talking. Because I have since learned how to keep a conversation going. Such topics included telling The Bible Story, The Salmon Story, and the newly-added I Nearly Took A Train to Oshawa story. So discussion went from that to horror movies to... stuff... and then Dad came home. And then we just ended up sleeping where we were. o.O; Which meant three of us were sleeping on the bed, Vicki decided the floor was her palace and she set up camp there. So yeah. That hasn't happened since I was... hell, has that ever happened?

So I woke up with my dad petting my hair sadly and saying softly how I was grown up now. And then he kissed my cheek and got up because he had students coming. I don't think he's kissed me in years either, it's always the other way around. I don't know how to put this in a way where I know someone reading this isn't going to go (EWWW INCEST) when you clearly know it's nothing of the sort except I will be very, very cross with you if you dare think it. ;(

And I've received my birthday present! ^_^

...No, you haven't missed my birthday, that's still two or three months away. I'm talking about last year's. Parents got me a camera to make up for the fact that I got nothing for my birthday/Christmas last year. Or maybe for them. *shrug* They always give me things especially late. Perhaps it's because I also ask for things late. It's just the way things work out. I'm grateful to have one of my own at least, anyway. ^_^

Subbed Nana anime is out too, btw, for anyone who cares. Not just the movie, that was old news. I mean the first anime episode. So yay, I will now know what happens. It's on my sister's computer right now and I'm going to watch it tomorrow. Barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Played FFVII somewhat. Have realized I seem unable to beat the damned Lost Number monster in the safe. I want my Vincent, damn it. It appears I should go out and level though. First time I'm hopelessly underleveled, and YES that's only as far as I've gotten, but I get to play it once for several hours about every two weeks. See how far you get doing that. ;p

Am setting up a selling journal. Go visit, if you like. fubukinosakura (Anyone who sees the name as an eyesore, I shrug at you for I was not the one who named it.) There's not much up there yet as I was taking quick pictures with my sister's camera and her batteries were dying. Never mind that they'd been in use for less than an hour, and even then the camera wasn't turned on all that time. x_X;; Please be aware that feet are not included.

And lastly for Kuribug, because I told you I'd take a picture of it (sorry it's not a good picture, like I said, sister's dying camera gave me only this one). Really, you pretty much look past it and at my shirt. My shirt is awesome. I like it. This proves that there are things in HK wearable for fat people. Goodie goodie gumdrops.

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