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^_^ Taking a break from Java for a moment for picspam goodness. Warning. Large pics ahead.

You can all ignore the fact that I look ugly. ^_^;

Me with long hair. Aw, doesn't it feel like such a long time ago? ...But then I don't think I've ever posted pictures of Steph-with-short-hair.

Me with short hair. Really messy short hair, and you can't really see the fact that I'm wearing wings. ;p

Me playing with liquid eyeliner. This is impressive since I have no hand-eye coordination, especially when it comes to my own face. @.@

Oh look, there we are again, I'm smiling! :O

My new pink kitty! It's fat. I love it. 'Cause it's so happy!

My gigantic HydexHyde poster of lurve. :3

My scribble. :3 There was coloring involved. Lookit me go.

A shiny.

And again. I'm wondering if I should sell it. And if I do, how much. o.o;

Hee hee, I told Rinoa about this but I hadn't had time to post pics until now. ^_^

And again, showing off the headdress a bit more now. Hey, if I don't wear it, I always find someone (or in this case, something) to do it for me.

All four of them. Yes I said all four.

My Clouds. Aww, doesn't TradingArts!Cloud look so adorably girly? Just look at those eyelashes! <3 (And yes that is a dismembered hand. Sara went and shuffled it around so it's visible. You can't see any of Sephiroth's and there're certainly a lot more of them scattered around his feet. Proper, I thought.)

My Sephiroths. Again, I point you to TradingArts!Sephiroth, particularly his so very not-straight sexual preferences sword.

Back to work! :3
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