Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


All right, you know how I said I would never really need to make another LJ 'cause I really have no desire to switch my username, and all the subsequent accounts I'd have to change. Well, I still don't plan to change it.

But now I've gone and made more. @.@ And it confuses me. Listing them here.

dearestophelia: the writing/art journal
fubukinosakura: the selling journal (visit and buy something! ;o;)

fenrirmedallion: Cloud RP journal
myromanticdream: Seifer RP journal
kairi_keyblade: Kairi RP journal
(x_X; Three characters, one RP. And it seems I might have to bump it up to four. *hopes that mercy_slays really does take 'cause otherwise I'm going to die. ^_^*)

And then there's lamies but everyone who's cool posts in the forum rather than the lj comm. It might as well not exist, except for the apparent pimp factor. ^_^;

Logging in and out was never so difficult. ;p
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