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You know you're in trouble when you finally want to draw something, have something to draw in fact, and yet don't have the time to do it. I have to write up my work term report. I mean, it's not due, but hell, I need to get it marked by my boss, and if I go back to school, I might not have enough time to/she won't be able to send it back to me fast enough. Which would not be good. No, not good at all.

Didn't go to work today. Tried to work on my report, consequently getting very little done at all. I'm rather disappointed with myself.

I also have fanfic to write. But I've been so wrapped up in the final_kingdom RP lately. Oh, did I not mention?

It's an LJ RP that I joined on a whim. It amused me greatly, and I became a mod. And then a few days ago, I got the entire thing dumped on me. Thus, it and all its associated communities now belong to me. @.@; So I spent yesterday and most of today giving it something of a facelift, and I went through and wrote up a proper userinfo (well... Garden's I plan on adding more to the story >.>;) for all four communities with associated header images, rules, summaries, etc. It'd be nicer if I knew where my members were (Caelin, Laura, Vicki, lady_kanami--who I have to tag a name to soon ^_~--aside) but I'll squirm around in pride anyhow.

I'm going back up to Waterloo this weekend. Guh. We'll see how that goes. New roommate. Su Young something. We'll see how that goes too. ^_^;

I've saved up almost enough money to survive this term. Parents are helping this time around, but they say they won't from now on. Which means ow, expenses ow. I shall manage to feed myself somehow. I always do. *pats stomach ruefully*

In other news, I have this burning desire to walk around in pseudo-loli getup. No, it doesn't make sense to me either. No, I won't look good. Yes, I'd laugh at myself. Would I go out in public? Hell yeah. I'm just that fucking weird.

I have an AN meeting to go to early next month... or at least I think I still have to go. I don't know. From the looks of it, any mention of AN might as well be just an atomic bomb by the way my parents react to it. Makes me bitter, and then I look at Alvin and I see me future.

Except he's got a shiny office and an awesome girlfriend. I'd probably have a cat. And it'd probably hate me.

Anyway. Anyone want to join final_kingdom just to make a very tired, very stressed Saki happy? Or buy me things, which will get pretty much the same effect? ^^;

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