Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

*flyby entry*

I think I'm going to buy a dress. This dress. It's cheap for a pretty dress. That would (I think given the right bra) fit me and my gigantic bust that doesn't match my waist at all. x_X; You'd think if I was fat, I'd be fat proportionally. ;p

But yes. Perhaps not this month. Bills to pay off, food to buy, can't really afford to spend money on stuff when I'm not entirely sure if I can feed myself during the term. ^-^;

Back to report.

Edit 1: Okay, this entry is so going to end up being where I give you updates on the cracking brain that is Steph. So far. 137/1500. Yeah, how about that, still on the intro. It's 2:30, I want another nap.

Or more juice. Perhaps a shower might help. I don't know.

Edit 2: Shower helped a little. And I had a revelation. I did not get lazier as I continued working here. I did not stop trying as hard. I have been consistently not-doing stuff for as long as I've been there. I think they just started catching me more. :3;; I still have stuff to show for it! o.o;

Right, back to work.
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