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Quick update before sleep

First on the bill, Thursday's trip of unnecessary public transportation. x_X; Apparently got messages mixed up over phone with Caelin, managed to go on bus back to Finch, before having to go back on and take the bus back in the direction in which I had just come. And then I got caught by the fake Viva police. It's like if you take the train without a ticket and they catch you; $150 fine to pay.

However, the story went basically like this. I dug out one of my unverified tickets for guy to see, and he pointed out that it was unverified like all good ticket-checking policemen should. Then he got out his little black book of doom and began trying to ask me questions. I don't like questions so I just blurted out some cock-and-bull story involving my ignorance of the BRIGHT BLUE TICKET MACHINES where I'm supposed to validate my ticket and how I'd bought them because I'd lost my monthly bus pass (which was true, at any rate).

So yes. I'm female, and even on a day where I look like shit (heh, sleeping, heh... I miss those times...), I can still manage to act and sound like I'm twelve. It's instinctive, and if you hear me talk, I have a pretty high-pitched voice when I'm excited anyway. In any case, he believed me, and at the station 'showed me' how to verify my ticket. Which required actually verifying my ticket. If I had just been walking home, this would have made me very grumpy indeed. As it was, I neede to go back on the bus in the opposite direction anyway, so I was grumpy but less so at him.

The rest of the trip involved standing on the bus, switching off, waiting for another bus, switching on, getting off on one of the most deserted streets I had ever seen next to what looked like an abandoned YMCA where I stood uncomfortably kicking around bits of rusted and twisted metal into the large clots of mud that kept me company. Then more bus-switching, bus driver barely realizing I'd signalled to get off... but yeah. Arrived safe and sound albeit bloody late. Which I'm grateful for now, but sigh, no money-spending makes me sad sometimes. I don't know when I'd become so material. Er... or at least less spendthrifty.

Friday required moving out. I slept a lot. So did Paul, from what I could see when I lifted my head. But yeah. And then last-minute packing. Good deal of that. Stuffed a lot of stuff into a garbage bag and so had to carry it, my duffel, my backpack and my purse to the car loaded like a crippled mule. Looking the way I did, I was surprised the security guard didn't try to stop me, since I was carry away so much stuff. I guess he recognized me through the weird. I give that impression, apparently.

Today was much sleeping, going out for lunch, comign back, sleeping, taking a shower, and then going out for dinner. Yeah. Really that was all my day involved. ;p And then the getting home and the set of DDR (yes, my mat is still the best) and more packing (I ship back out to Waterloo tommorrow btw) and then collapsing on my bead and... not doign stuff. ^_^; Looking at pictures of dollfies with Laura? ^_^

Also, here is as good a place as anywhere. I recently acquired a phone charm, pictured below, and I want to get more to give to some of my friends because I think they rock just that much and I'm a dork and love them. They're not all Feel the Magic, I saw quite a few Nintendogs (little puppies instead of the box though) and some other games that I didn't really catch a good look at. If I got any more, would anyone want to buy? o.O; And would it be way too simplehearted to say it's because I think other people would like them too? ^_^;;

Yes, they do open. :D No, the cartridge does not work. D:
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