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'Cause LJ's being twitchy today

First! I made mini-comic. So you read. Huzzah. :3

Caelin says: fire fire fire
Caelin says: fire3 + all materia
Caelin says: omg....THAT'S how he did it
Caelin says: *mutters to self*
Steph says: eh?
Caelin says: all of the town
Caelin says: if alll the houses were targets, then he only had to cast one fire3 and they'd all errupt
Caelin says: :3
Caelin says: ah HA
Caelin says: true, he's sacrifice alot of MP, but it would do the job faster and less people would have time to react
Caelin says: which I assume is really what he wanted as he doesnt stay around to kill the people
Caelin says: he just wanted all traces of the TOWN gone
Caelin says: and it would explain why he didnt just cast a cure3 or regen on himself after Cloud stabbed him
Caelin says: not having enough MP will do that
Caelin says: but to GET MP, you need lifestream, which would explain why he jumps into the lifestream if he didnt have any ethers on him
Caelin says: *looks shifty*
Steph says: haha
Steph says: i can now see him glancing up over his head at his mp bar and going "well... shit"
Steph says: and dashing off
Caelin says: EXACTLY!
Steph says: *wants to put this in comic book form*
Steph says: because i see it in chibi

And true to form... I did. But you needed to read that 'cause I didn't really put in half the stuff that would've done the describing part. ^_^; Read like cool people. Righ to left. ;p

Also. I would like to inform you all that LJ wonky, Pieces gone, fanfic-inaccessible, and muted, my computer had very little to live for this day. Fubuki was very sad with this. And her FMA downloads didn't go as fast as planned. But shrug. At least they download.
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