Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

Heh, go me

All right, I'm back. Yay. Let's all listen to the resounding sounds of "Oh wow, I didn't even know you'd left! ^^;" which I shall take as a compliment to my awesome ninja skills as opposed to the fact that no one loves me.

So, I was down in Ottawa for the weekend where it was cold! I wasn't expecting so much damned cold, not if we were going to try and catch glimpses of half-dead tulips when not entrenched in the gigantic Palais du (de?) Promenade thingummy. The reason for the trip was a martial arts competition that I thankfully wasn't a part of because fuuuck there was a lot of pain being dealt there and I rather like myself too well to throw myself in the midst of that, thank you very much. So no, I decided against signing up myself, and focused on cheering my father on. He got a gold for the first event, Form, and didn't in the Push Hands, though I doubt none of you know what I'm talking about when I say that. Except the winning part. ;p

There was much driving, lots of rain, a lot of cold, and a lot of... um... clouds? I learned a new recipe for cookies, and I want to try it... it'll take a lot of effort, but I want to make them. :3 It'll be an experiment, anyhow, since as anyone close to me knows--my greatest accomplishment to date has been a pot of soup that I made myself. ^^; Just 'cause it's hard to ruin a soup where you just toss stuff in. Some picture-taking, not a lot.

And I'm on constrained bandwidth again so my internet is death. Yes, I managed to bring it up to 5500MB last week, yes yes I did. ;p It's not my fault that Loveless just had to be downloaded. I think it was worth it. Mmmm... And now that you all know that I'm still slightly dead to the world until my bandwidth comes back (won't be for a few days I'm sure), I'm going to finish listening to my BL dramas and then sleep. Mmmm... so much SephirothxCloud, even if they're not supposed to be Sephiroth and Cloud. *loves on their voice actors for my impending eargasm*

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