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I border on the neurotic when I reply to the constant stream of spam over on the Lamia boards for no apparent reason, even to myself. So to save my own sanity, and everyone else's I think it's time to shut up. This is clearly not the way to be dealing with not-wanting to do work and I grimace at it myself.

I also want to eat something. I've been eating a lot lately, and it shows. This isn't something I'm overly pleased about, as you might guess. So right. Will work, then try to sleep. I sleep too much too. Way too slothful for my own good these days. Don't like it.

Will have to make it to that 8:30 class that I've never been to in order to make up for it. D:

I hope they haven't done something like change the room number. D: I would never be able to find them. Ever. Again! @.@;

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