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Oh right!

And an update on my life! Because I finally have something new to tell about it, yay! (Most likely more for me to remember it by than for anyone else to read it, I suppose...)

Today, I slept a lot.


Well I did! Actually, I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Laura can attest to that. ^^;; (And off-topic, but I always feel bad when I accidentally fall asleep in the middle of a conversation with people because I go on my laptop while I'm on/in my bed which is not conducive to staying awake. Leo knows this too though he doesn't read my LJ, and he's the only one I ever fell asleep on in the middle of a conversation ON THE PHONE--granted, it was during one of our periods of silence where I'm lying down and staring at my ceiling and he's watching something 'cause we're weird.) Especially when I fell asleep at six in the morning. In any case! By the time I woke up again, the headache was gone and it stayed gone and I was happy. And so I slept some more.

But! That is not all that happened this day!

I went shopping! :3 (...I know. Me actually being excited about going to the mall, what's up with that?) With Flounder. Which meant there was much worrying on my part as to directions 'cause... both of us are kind of clueless. Regardless, off we went. But first we went to Delirium because I was curious about the contents of the store so we walked uptown. Apparently we got stared at by men in bars. I didn't know this until Flounder decided to point this out because she's self-conscious. o.O; Weird girl, having had a crazier history of a love life than I ever would being self-conscious. In any case, it was a nice day. All sunny and warm but not too warm because there was breezy too and that was nice. Delirium certainly had what I was looking for, but I blinked at the prices and walked out muttering I could get stuff custom-made to my exact measurements and it'd still be less expensive than what they were trying to sell me there. And I can. And I plan to. Because boohiss money mine.

We stopped to get drinks because it's hot when you're walking. Frozen strawberry daiquiris, virgin, and biiiig, just the way I like it. :3 So yummy. I love strawberry. Which basically means I could pretty much go and get a smoothie at Square One which is about the same and yum strawberry. Must do so when I go back home tomorrow. Perhaps I will look into the stores and see if I can find a dress and if it's on sale. (Why do I want a dress? I... don't really know myself. But I don't own a black dress and I want one! And shoes. But I have less patience buying shoes. ^^;)

Then we bussed to Fairview. There were soldier boys on the bus while going. Mmmm soldier boys. They were hot, and really really touchy-feely which made my inner slashgirl squee insanely with joy even as I sat there drooling over the hotness that was those two soldier boys. Mmmm.... One of the guys on the bus made a comment to the soldier boys (I didn't hear what) and one of them answered and his VOICE was all... ummm... Steph melted into a little puddle of euphoric goo at the sound of him. And then they walked off into the sunset together and Steph was left watching them from the bus window... ah, my ill-fated love...

Anyway! Mall. It is a very small mall. So there was much circling and recircling (oh and we bought food as neither of us had eaten all of today--heh, we're so healthy... x_X;;) before I decided I wanted to go dress-shopping. And it was also a really girly thing to do so we ran about trying on dresses (I actually fit shit in Laura Petit score!--although it really wasn't petit and apparently my breasts just suck 'cause they don't like fitting in things even up to a size 12 when everything including my waist and ass complied ;(.)

And Flounder managed to fall in love with the dress that I wanted for a long time (it wasn't on sale then) but she didn't have money and the store didn't have it in my size so we walked away sad. (The girl's a size 0 a size 0!! Fixing the dress properly around her required me to pull the cinching strings as far as they could go--and I swear there was still space in there! @.@ *has never seen such a thing until now*)

Riding back on the bus got us hit on by strangers. It was weird. Apparently I look good with a spiked collar. I'll keep that in mind. o.O; *was complemented on it several times, I made little squeeing noises afterwards when a cute boy said it the first time. ^^;* Even if my neck is allergic to metal and it's now all itchy and bleh.

Oh, and the bus driver. o.O; The bus driver liked to talk to us a lot too. Which was awkward, because at one point we had to stop at the main station/transfer place and wait and he came back (we were near the back of the bus) and started talking with us. And I was busy trying not to fall asleep because it is impolite to be falling asleep when someone is talking to you--even if I was tired and sleepy. And then when he had to go back up and drive the bus again... he kept talking to us! o.o; It was weird. But I talked back because somehow I'm really good at making conversation with total strangers.

Then we got back to res and I went online and talked to people (namely Laura and Selah yay!) and it was fun and a job well done. And I was sleepy. But am I sleeping now? At something nearing four in the morning? Why no, no I'm not!

...I'm hungry. :9

All said and done... residence life is clearly not that good for me. Even (or would that be in spite of?) the days when I actually venture out into the wilderness of the outside world.

Also! To tell_me_true (my Rain-chan! Not to be confused with my Raine-mama!) *sqooosh* You made me all bouncy and happy and gleeful inside and I danced around and my roommate stared at me funny but it didn't matter because I was happy! But you don't know how on Earth you managed to make me happy (if you even see this ^^;) because I'm not going to tell you yay~!

*bounces off to drink her soup because it's been preying on my mind that it might go bad if I don't drink it. D:*

[EDIT]: I didn't get my soup but... it is WEIRD to walk out to get a bottle of water and see someone SLEEPING ON YOUR COUCH! WEIRD I tell you! o.o;; (Well not so weird when you think about it but.. @.@!)

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