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Couldn't you see it coming from my previous post?


Recognize this? Yes, I took it out, erased more than half of it, and then repenciled, then inked. It took me hours. Hours. *hands are shaking* I'm thinking of looking into the other one I drew for Sarah before I go on to the others. What, did you think I wouldn't put effort into these things? ^_^;

And! Because she is absolute love and... and... love. Caelin actually went through with giving me (Cloud) a moomba coat. :3 Yes. Yes I wear the fur. I maintain it was dead when he found it. ^_^

Clearly this is why Cloud is Sephiroth's bitch.

EDIT: And more little ones. But these aren't new. And are blurry, but can't you see the cute anyway? *loves them so*

And... uh... eyes.

EDIT 2: And... another one. Because... fuuuck don't I have an exam on Monday? D:

EDIT 3: And Caelin colored it. *grins* Even in the state of messily-photographed as it was, she colored it. :3 She was lazy when she was doing it but.. hee. :3

And now I can eat! :3

Oh, and lab exam went all right, I think. Cheer for me. ^_^

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