Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


HAPPY BIRTHDAY mihogoeth!!

Because I'm so slow, I've only realized now that LJ will TELL me when people have birthdays. :3 This makes it so much easier. If only everyone I knew would have LJ just because I could check like this. :( Oh well!

I also notice that several people have birthdays close to mine. :3 And that bijuarukei's is the same as Ally's which is the day before mine.

Totally unrelated to the birthday thing, I just noticed that I haven't mentioned that I've been ill, have I? Well... I have been. o.o; I went to the doctor's on Thursday, took out several tubes of blood out of my dominant arm (yeah, I know, the stupid), and hopefully will find out what's wrong with me now. :)

In other news... I find out my Calculus midterm mark on Monday and my stomach ties itself up in knots just at the thought of it. That's also the day that I need to take my CS. D: I fear, I fear. x_X;
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