Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

Last-minute flyby update

Exam tomorrow, will have to write, don't want to, bleh, argh, bah. Calculus exam being returned tomorrow, don't want to see, will have to. Will also have to hand in my doctor's note and hope professor accepts it, gah, hope, hope. And possibly finding out whether or not I have an exam in Econ. Gaaaahh... D: I don't think so but... my roommate's having it on Tuesday worries me greatly, especially when I read that it's supposed to be on next Monday. ;(

Away from the academics, I've been drawing. You've seen most of them. Here's more.

The twins (mmmmm...) and Mana. Yes, it's an old Mana. But I've finally trained and leveled up and pokevolved until I can actually do that damned vinyl swirly swirly stuff on his clothes. x_X; It's not that bad actually. I'm rather impressed with myself. Now, I just have to figure out how to color metal and white mesh on pale skin. Neither sounds fun. ;(

I also found out I hate my sex scenes and need to reinvent the way I write them. Ergo... Vincent/Chaos fic will never get done and I will continue to angst over that fact until that scene is written and I can go through it with a fine-tooth comb and find out why it's so... not good. ^_^;

In other news... yay I have a kimono coming! *is going to wear it for frivolous purposes and no one can stop her*

...Sleep time now, goodnight. *flop*
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