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*snork* Brisa was talking abotu pictures and I was talking about I have nothing recent so I realized I finally have a use for that webcam thingummy! So.

...Yes I am wearing this right now. Just without that fake corset thingummy. I just added it on because Momo wanted to see said kimono thing in its (near) entirety and it won't stay on without something cinching it together... thus. As you can see, I was too lazy to do up all the things in back so it's flopped open in the bottom/back. No one cares. :3

When I say I'm sitting happily in a rainbow.... I mean it. Yes. Yes I do.

Not webcam picture but... leeeegzzz!! And skirt. *gasp* And... rainbow. :3

Clearly tired from all that, I fell asleep. o.O; Or something.

I feel as if I should be holding a bottle of sake to go along with this disheveled kimono look. ;p Still sleepy.

*wakes up and blinks sleepily*

...I think that's me pouting. o.O; How bizarre. Crazy lips-o'-Steph...

...The end. In other news, have paid for Advent Children, still waiting for girl to accept payment and for me to receive it. Mmmm...

And art post is still in the coming stages 'cause I'm lazy after all that. *hides back in rainbow*

[EDIT]: ...More rainbow. ^_^;;;;

And and and. I failed to mention that Nelson came out to visit me! He had the car (I think it's because he's taking his G test tomorrow and there was stuff that needed moving back out to Hamilton) so he went and drove an hour to come see me and take me out to dinner!! *is so very happy about this* I missed him, it's been a long time since I got to talk to him--and even longer since I got to talk to him alone. He got skinnier. :( He's like a stick when I hugged him, which can't be a good thing, right? *forces food down his throat because he's no longer my bottomless pit and that is crazy and Just Not Done*

....The end! *zoom*
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