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....I'm bloody insane

6:30 in the bleeding morning right now and I'm still awake. Yes, that's right. No way will I be getting any extra time for a nap this day. Did get some studying done, all to the good... and then the burning desire to draw something welled up. I snarled at said impulse because I'd just finished drafting a "Axel's Hips Don't Lie" image (people refer to my last post & watch the actual Shakira video to make sense of it if you care) and wasn't particularly eager to start another one.

And yet.

Probably needs lots of touching up but I'm past caring right now.

Lessons learned: my eraser's a bitch. Yes, that's what that random black spot on his abdomen is. ~_~ I should not try to shade torsos in the early hours of the morning because I get very, very lazy and lose all sense of proportion (this his being incredibly skinny).

...I'm going to bed now. Have a good morning, all. I will do my best to forget it exists.

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