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Yes, that's right

Okay, so I caved. I've got a Sponsored+ account. Ads are ugly. I know. I sigh over this myself. New layout to celebrate (I like this person because all of hers cover the ads on the page itself, but my friends page doesn't look too good, alas. I wanted pretty pictures. And now I have them. Squee with me. I'm just a bit too broke to go the Paid route right now, what with Paypal considering my credit card a foreign demon and not allowing me to use it. D:

Anyway, I wanted to show pictures of my boys. :3 I have a Squall now! *dances* Just wait and wonder over the hijinks they'll all get into when I introduce AdventPieces!Cloud to the fray! *anticipates*

Ignore the extraordinary lack of attention of which angle to point the camera in when taking these... I was in a hurry and besides, I don't know much more beyond "point and shoot" anyway. ^_^;

My shelf, newly-rearranged. When I first moved in, they were about the only decoration in the entire place and I loved them that much more because of it... Zak's right when he says my room looks prison if I don't bring in all the crazy shit I have in there now. As you can see... they're a bit busy brawling to say hi. ^_^;

Loz seems to be unusually captivated by Sephiroth's kneecaps. Guess he's been around me too much already. 'Course I find that bit of battlefield logic only seems to work when the opponent can't fly for which poor chibi-Loz doesn't have the luxury of. Sephiroth seems to be on the defensive though. Unless he's just showcasing his super-bendy sword. o.O; One never knows.

Chibi-Yazoo has it out for SOLDIER!Cloud. And it seems he somehow made friends with Chibi-Cloud while the latter was running away from Tifa (read: kept falling over away from her) who, for whatever bizarre reason, is not happy with his other self. Perhaps it's the height difference. :( SOLDIER!Cloud is certainly quite taken aback by being attacked by chibis though, it seems.

A badly photographed (and Sephiroth's arm dropped! *glares at him*) of the big boys duking it out. Squall commandeered Cloud's Fenrir--and Cloud isn't too happy about that. And I think Sephiroth just likes any excuse to fight and take over Cloud's kills. (Steph just finished replaying the first Nibelheim flashback today)

And last but not least... chibi-Tifa takes on chibi-Kadaj. Bad focus, yeah, yeah. He seems to be humoring her, in my personal opinion. ;p

And that's it.

....I need more toys. :3 The toy store was sold out of Axel/Roxas/Sora though. And I didn't want to try my luck to see if I could get the Kingdom Hearts Cloud. :(
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