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Artpost (beware of large pictures)

I thought about letting this wait... but I lack internet in my residence right now so I can only get on wireless if I travel all the way to the student life center and hell if that's not a long walk. In the rain. Beh.

Originally meant just as concept sketches for my newest FFVII fic Cosplay. (It'll go through a few fine touch-ups today/soon I promise, some phrases made me go twitchy.) Then I started to think "ooh, sexy" before it went on to "...awww it's boring with just a catsuit and ears/tail..." which led to "BAMF jewelry, detail OMG".

...I've set the bar so high for the others with this one... sigh.

Sketches of the other two... I don't really like them as they are right now but it's hard... Steph and designing stuff = large headache on everyone's part. :(

Aeris the Moogle. Umm... a bit plain right now and I'm not overly happy with the feet (that the scanner cut off of course so you can't see them...) but... yeah. Uh... WIP?

What I have of ChocoCloud. ^_^; This is difficult. @.@;

And lastly--I want to buy this for my sister, quite possibly for her birthday. But... yeah, credit card problems and miscellaneous other not-goodness. Still... Vicki loves K Star and these would work so well with the pants I bought her before. *is sad* I shall try anyhow because I'm pretty sure she'd like it and it wouldn't look that wild with the collar/studded straps removed.

I'm told we make for bizarrely close sisters--I think Flounder termed us "fucking weird"--but hell, nothing wrong with that. Methinks she's jealous. Her brother's a brat, I hear tell.
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