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I am a dying dead puzzle of glowing green oooze. It's near eight in the morning now and I want to go to sleep. I have had none. I have hwever finished off another theme for thirtyforthree--four artworks make one gigantic post of fluffiness. If only I could post them now--but I have no way of showcasing them as my camera is back at res, I don't have internet there, and I don't have a scanner either. Alas. You will all have to wait 'til tonight to see the blehh that no sleep comes up with. Zack always gets the raw end of the deal, I swear. *pets his spiky head* He's not as shiny as the others, I got lazy with him and didn't want to figure out how his legs worked. So... yes. ^_^;;

I am also almost done the next theme for tft which makes me doing pretty well for having not yet been officially put on the claims list yet. ;p But now it is time for sleep and study. And possibly breakfast. I could do with some pre-sleep breakfast since I never have any under regular conditions.

There was no point to this post except that I wanted to make one and thus did. Clearly the best of all reasons. I shall leave now before the sleepy actually hits me and I can no longer move from this couch for another eight hours. ;p

(BTW, does anyone have an MP3 for this song? *points at current music* I want it.

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