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Cosplay Foursome!

Heee, I'm done the drafts, yay. They're... all right. I really want to redo Zack as it was early in the morning when I got to him and he's the only one missing his legs. :( But... anyway.

Yeah, yeah you've already seen him before. Live with it, he's the first. ;p

Aeris the Moogle, inked and bejewelled. I messed up on her face... mostly on her mouth. I left one of my inking pens at home and was left to make do with a Sharpie. Do you know how difficult it is to ink with a Sharpie? Fumes and headache aside... @.@;

ChocoCloud. He's the fluffiest of all of them and I personally wonder how that 'saddle' could ever be lying around Aeris's closet (granted, I'd wonder why she'd be living in the slums and playing flower girl if she had any of that jewelry on her), but I thought it was funny. ^^;

Zack Puppy. His face was the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD... until I inked it. D: Yes, yes I know this one was half-assed. I need sleep for these kinds of things. But it is done.

All of these were for thirtyforthree, #27 Fluffy Things.

First chapter here if you're interested. ;p

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