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Flyby update

Before I run away to find something to eat and study for my CS exam...

New chapter for Cosplay if anyone cares, lalala...

and Miya I have actually made progress on the Ouran twins fic. Like... 1098 words of difference. And I love it because it is so weird and so me! ;p

(Hey, I like me. Me comes up with some pretty decent crack once in a while.)

He’d been trying to think of math. Candle wax. Cabbages and kings. Anything non-Hikaru-related which was much harder than it should be because everything was Hikaru-related. Hikaru was good at math. And candle wax made him think of that joke they’d pulled on that girl with the funny bondage magazine who they’d sent gibbering into a corner of the school foaming at the mouth with hearts in her eyes. Cabbages were round and kind of shaped like Hikaru’s head, although Kaoru would have gotten mad at anyone else who likened his brother’s head to a cabbage because that would mean that someone might also be trying to call him a cabbage head which he didn’t think was much of a compliment. As for kings…

That made him think of Tamaki. Which made him think of the Host Club which made him think about Hikaru. Which was just what he was trying to avoid thinking about because then he thought about Hikaru’s hands which made him think of Hikaru’s hands attached to his penis, which made him think of moaning and moving and naked and—

“I have to go to the bathroom!”

In other news... uh... I had an exam today? And I have one this Saturday which means I'll be here all weekend which means no home-going which means buuuuu CS. I hate CS. So much. And the exam's going to be hard. And impossible. And I don't know if I can pass since fuck if I know enough about arrays and inheritance and class/method-building with all of those things put together. *sits in a corner and cries with a Pikachu for company*

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