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Just finished the Calculus exam. I don't think I've ever been more sure that I will fail at life if I ever go into maths because that was the most brutal ass-raping I have ever receieved. The fact that the girl next to me broke down and started bawling all over her exam paper DID NOT HELP.

I don't think I've ever seen that much blank space on an exam I've ever written in my entire life. And that's combined, I'm telling you. Yes, even with that CS exam last semester that I handed in the first second I got to last semester. Six questions, I answered like... two. Two and a half? Fuck me.

...Think they bellcurve? No one else seemed to be able to do well either. D: Which is horrifying because upon first glance, the exam is ridiculously easy. And then... *shudders*

So. Um. Fuck that. To categorize my accomplishments to date...

Psychology - reasonably sure I passed. Decently. Unless something royally screws me over and I... like... forgot to write my name on my card or something.

Econ - playing dark horse on me. I haven't the slightest bloody idea as I haven't seen a result since I started the course which worries me but I think I passed?

Algebra - dropped, I care not of it anymore

CS - ...I actually think I passed this one.

Calculus - remember the ass-raping? A 50% ass-raping, I might add. :3

All said and done... um. Yeah. I love the new depths that I have plummeted to, where I am actually abysmally happy that I have a chance at passing. Woe. Woe.

...I don't feel well. I don't know if it's that exam anxiety thing that my mother and I have recently concluded that I have, but I'm pretty sure it's the pre-time of the month asskicking of the ovaries, which is about bloody time after being two and a half months late. o.O; (...pun not intended...)

Now excuse me. I have to go slit my wrists or something. Or just start cleaning my suite from top to bottom like nobody's business because I AM GOING HOME and the place is mess because other other roommate's friends like pouring drinks on the carpet, it seems. And of course the carpet just happens to be my responsibility. :3 Goodie goodie gumdrops. Along with that kitchen floor. Excuse me while I vomit, because that about sums up the state of it around the garbage can. No wonder my sister hates my house. Suite. Whatever.

Oh right. Bright side. Before I really do walk in front of a car (although cars move rather slowly/nonexistently around here nowadays so that would be a very slow, painful and altogether messy form of death if I could even manage it) seeing as they seem to like getting up close and personal with me. I AM GOING OUT TO DINNER WITH MY FRIENDS! :3 WHETHER OR NOT CHERRY'S COMING, I AM STILL GOING OUT WITH FLOUNDER AND LEO AND POSSIBLY DAN IF I CAN FIND HIM IN TIME! I AM GOING TO RETURN WIND WAKER AND FFVIII TO LEO AND I AM GOING TO STEAL HIS VACUUM CLEANER AND HIS ERGO PROXY. I AM GOING TO CONTINUE PLAYING FFVII AND STOP SULKING OVER NOT MISSING COREL WITH THE DAMNED TRAIN SO THAT I COULD GET THE ULTIMA MATERIA FOR FREE. I AM GOING TO NOT-HATE CHOCOBO BREEDING. I AM NOT GOING TO THINK TIFA IS HORRIBLY ANNOYING (even though she is but I think I'm just biased towards Aeris and that makes me shake my head at myself since I can see all too well that whole cheerful jealous triangle business)! I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO EAT SOMETHING BECAUSE I'M HUNGRY. I AM GOING TO TAKE A NAP BECAUSE I HAVEN'T HAD THE CHANCE TO ALL NIGHT AND IT ANNOYED ME.

I AM GOING TO SHUT UP NOW. (Sorry anyone who actually read through all those caps locks. I've slipped back into that apathy business which I think should be somewhat worse than flailing panic, but I throw up less so I guess it could be worse.)

...After all that's been said and done... who in the GTA wants to go to the loli meetup on Saturday? ^_^; Center Island, frilly frocks, blistering heat, and people we don't know... what's not to love? :3 *is considering*
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