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Tee hee

I died in the Dungeon of Mirroredsakura

I was killed in a cold tunnel by Sassychu the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Daenerys, the Armour of Akaeoko, the Shield of Alien Wml, the Sword of Goryu482, the Sword of Nepenthes59, a Figurine of Ghastlycomic, the Sword of Kikoenai, the Dagger of Slaviour, a Figurine of Tookumade, the Axe of Elusive Bliss, a Figurine of N I J I, the Amulet of Ly Ygtq, the Shield of Burial Flower, the Armour of Sweiled, the Crown of Konrei Sama, the Crown of Nekochancutecat, the Sceptre of Darcenciel, the Wand of Malisvaart, the Wand of Mihogoeth and 161 gold pieces.

Score: 280

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In other news... Steph passed all her courses this term. It makes me sad that I work so hard just to get a pass but... well, silly to be sad about being grateful, right? ^_^

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