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Perhaps I'm a bit late in the "omg! Astronomy!" game but we'll soon have 12 planets in our solar system. Yes. Well. Vote's up August 24 but for now I can go "ooh~"

The three are Ceres, (the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, it used to be considered a planet way back when), Charon (Pluto's largest moon) and Xena (2003 UB313 right now, it hasn't really gotten around to being officially named yet, and is basically a gigantic lump of ice bigger than Pluto farther out in the solar system).

So yes. Pluto (which will still officially be a planet still, yay!), Charon and Xena will all be called 'plutons', making them different from the eight classical planets. Ceres is just... there. And very asteroid-like in the middle.

This all came about because of some debate over the formal definition of a 'planet'. I'm amused because if these three were able to slip through and gain planetary status, there's a good chance that Neptune's moons will also count. Try making the elementary school kids memorize all those!

All said and done, finding this out has A) made my inner astronomy geek incredibly happy and B) laugh out loud at the total insta-AUing of Sailor Moon canon.

In other news: acrylics are not my friends. Watercolors = my slave for life. Guache = hired help. Oils = working agreement. Acrylics? As I explained to Caelin, it won't go on clean, I can't get the right amount of water to mix it with, it clumps on the canvas, and COMES OFF IN BLOTCHES. Apparently I am the only one this happens to so... GLARGH! D:

In about two nights' efforts, I have down: two eyes, a vague beginning at eyelashes, and about half of each eyebrow. Methinks this might take awhile, especially considering what I have planned... let's see if it turns out. :S

(Wow, first time I used the saved draft thingummy, hurray! Entry didn't get deleted, though I doubt many people care. ^-^)
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