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Just before I hop off to bed/more fanficcing...

I am reading Mascotverse fic and there is no amount of end to how much I want more. I love it so very much.

I am going to the concert tomorrow. Roundup's at 9:30 in the morning at the Oakville GO methinks. Look forward to seeing Steph dressed like a lunatic. (This isn't unusual, don't look surprised or roll your eyes.)

I am ridiculously tired and I don't know why. I think it's 'cause I want to be writing fanfic but am feeling lazy about it.

Anna Tsuchiya is hot.

I am almost done the next chapter of Epoch (which isn't really saying much since it's made up of shorts anyway), need to find an ending to my latest HydexHyde fic (yes I still write them :O) and am about half-done the next chapter of All Year Around Falling in Love because twincest is hot and I love putting them in awkward situations too much to finish too quickly. ^_^

I am being distracted by my sister watching Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I have found someone who'll take Sarah's ticket, so I can at least get your money back for it, precious. *hugs you again D:*

I dyed my hair again. Once again, it's really wild colors---but you can't tell because right, Steph has black hair and hell if that doesn't tame anything if it hasn't been bleached. ^_~ This might be even less noticeable than the red though, *pokes it*

I can't draw anything anymore, I swear. @.@; Except Zack. He turned out all right. His buster sword didn't, but 'tis in pencil so that can be fixed later.

Yay another semi-useless post. :3

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