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Diru time

My ears are gone, my voice is a hoarse little croak (does that stop me from singing along with my computer right now? Oh my no), but I got to see them and I was right in fucking front of Die and had a camera (...granted my batteries died too early in to take video but I did take pictures) so ignoring the irreversible damage I've dealt myself during the course of the entire concert, I think it a day well-spent. ^_^ (Granted one without Sarah and Laura :( but I saw other people I haven't seen in near a year!)

First up... Die. Because he was right in front of me and... come on. Lookit that hair. Tell me he isn't sex.

Then Kyo. One of the few shots with his shirt on...

...'cause he sure didn't keep it on for very long. Yes, he is shoving his hand down his throat.

I got pictures of Shinya! YAYMEYAY. This is generally a very difficult feat and look, he's almost looking square at the camera. :3

And then the other two. D: I couldn't get good shots of them because they were on the other side of the stage, my batteries were dying, and people were flailing in the air.

If you want more, I've zipped them and YSIed them. This is the resized version. Large version coming as soon as it's done uploading, if anyone wants that I suppose.

Oh. And I put it in my Photobucket (because I went and found out they'd changed all their limits and jazz :3) for online viewing/when YSI dies, if anyone still cares by then. ;p
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