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More fanart at last!

Yay me yay! I went and inked the Snowboarding Zack I've been working on for weeks now since Zack started making puppy eyes at me. ^^; I was playing FFVII and got to the snowboarding part. And then thought about snowboarding. And then thought about how the buster sword looked a lot like a snowboard. And I figured Zack would be crazy enough to try boarding on his sword (if it were possible) and thus tried to draw it.

I think it all worked out pretty okay, until I got to the more important feet-and-sword parts. So we'll ignore those boots down there. And the less-than-stellar sword sketchings. ^_^;

I'm thinking of going to CN Anime tomorrow. Of course I starting thinking about this now when everyone appears to be gone to sleep. Go me. ^_^; Maybe Sunday, *shrug*.

On a more random note: I finally found out Sousei no Aquarion was the hilarious anime that I've been wanting to see the rest of since I saw the first ep at AN last year in the All Night Room. Good times, complete with sleeping on the floor and talking to annoying little child!Riku.

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