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Random Thoughts of a High School Student


Steph is now determined to rule in a world where she sits alongside a very naked, very sexy [insert name here from amongst the millions of men that have inserted themselves into my completely hypothetical harem ::sigh::], on a large bed with silk bedsheets. Where Jean-Claude and Asher and Nathanial and and Jason and Micah may come to her instead of Anita Blake and worship her as a sex goddess. Where she may have floating geometric shapes that shall sing her hymns, a lighthouse powered by both Raichus and Pikachus, a daemon shaped as a large wildcat named Kirara, easy access to an enchanted spring, and a tiara of intestines--good ol' Bio--(thanks to the oddness that is Sarah's creativity). Just because.

I have also decided I want to buy a corset. And wear it. A side effect of watching Rocky Horror all over again.

And I want to know just how much more important women's rights are compared to the dead and the dying in foreign countries, the war raging by that idiot of a president in the States, and the array of cancer and deadly diseases for which cures have not yet been discovered?


Anyway, Steph won't have to be in school for the... majority of the day?

::shudder gasp::

::wails:: NO!!!!! LAURA!!!!!!

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