Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

So I was bored today. After Orientation, and taking a nap while waiting for the car to finish being Rust Checked (right in the storefront, I know, I'm a classy girl), I came home and had nothing to do. (Actually I had plenty to do but I didn't want to do it)

So of course, when Steph gets bored, she does stuff to herself. Last time I dyed my hair, though no one can tell as I'm asian and clearly all asians go around with purple-tinted hair. This time, I did my nails.

Insofar as I stuck fake ones on. In even more typical Steph fashion, they're over-the-top and wildly impractical. Point in case, I can barely type with them. ;p Meh. I will have to take pictures sometime when I have batteries again.

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