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Stolen from nanani because it was the first time I was bored enough to hop on the bandwagon. Good ol' class.

Movie soundtrack for your life. The rules:
1. Put your music player of
choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Pass it on

Opening Credits: Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Clearly the movie of my life is made to be sappy/angsty about how so many boys are too busy liking other boys to like me that I've seemingly grown desperate. Or something.

Waking Up: Malice Mizer - Gardenia
I wake up and think about going back to sleep and dreaming... yep, that works. But oh what of my dream? Perhaps it's alluding to my secret life as Tuxedo Kamen.

An Ordinary Day: Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Again? Clearly I'm in luuurve.

The First Date: Maeken Trance Project - Banzai (Karaoke)
How perfect! XD I read it as saying this date will take place in Japan, at karaoke, and be insane. ^_^v

Falling in Love: Kingdom Hearts - Arabian Dream
In the name of love, I fight thee Heartless. And get fire spat in my face. Hawt.

The Rumble: .hack//udeden OST - Sexy You
Oh man, my Sailor Moon roots are showing. I can so see myself sashaying into battle dressed in ultra-Cardcaptor Sakura petticoats and flounce.

The Break-up: Justin - 冰淇淋之味
I break up and go off in my corner to angst about racism. D:

Getting Back Together: Phil Collins - The Way You Look Tonight
Clearly all my thoughts of racism inspired me to become Zen and enter a state of enlightenment so that I love all and make them all sparkly-shiny in my mind's eye.

Life's Okay: Sammi Cheng - ²×¨­¬üÄR
...Yeah I can't read that either. But life's okay when I'm busy being sad about the boy I can't have. :(

The Mental Breakdown: Hikida Kaori - Michiyuki (TV Size)
Even if you embrace me until it's suffocating we will never become one. :( Ahah! So I don't love him!

Cruising: Gackt - Lu:Na (instrumental)
To escape the horrors of my mind, I go driving and am set upon by the creepy masked Lu:Na men. Nothing like fixing your mind with an even more fucked up reality? o.O;

The Flashback: Dir en grey - GARDEN
And yet I have never seen Diru play this for me. :(

The Party: L'Arc~en~Ciel - winter fall (demo)
"LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI~~!" Yeah, I can see the extent of my conversation spanning about this much.

Everybody Dance Now: Buck-Tick - Dizzy Moon
So if I haven't already proved that I'm the life of the party with my stunning conversation, I prove it now with my bizarre dancing.

Sex Scene: 05 Kagrra - Nehankyou
Clearly not very hurried sex, if I say so myself.

Regretting: .hack//udeden OST - Twisted Feeling
I regret being... creepy? Except I don't want to regret being creepy and thus, I am twisted and torn over this. :(

The Long Night Alone: KOTOKO - Lament
And so I angst. I don't have a very nice life.

A Death: Buck-Tick - Lizard skin no shôjo (Live)
I dance to the sweet strains of my own dark melancholy. I think this movie is all about my forcing to accept the greatness of my own angst. :3

End Credits: TheGetaway - Promise
And it closes with my clinging tendencies resurfacing. D: "PROMISE ME YOU'LL NEVER LET ME GOOO!"

...And now I'm going to pay attention! :3 Proud of me? You should be. I don't do this often.

PSSST! PASS IT ON! *points upwards*

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