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Done at last

Finally finished the fanart/photo thingummy for the Seph/Siren thing over at tabloid_rp. I hope Izzy can forgive me for being slow/late/incompetent. ^^;

Point 1: ...Yes it looks weird and nothing like a photo should. Shh.
Point 2: I nearly posted this in Jesus's journal. That would have been rather odd.
Point 3: I had a name all nicely made up for this one, and then in the midst of typing it in the file name box, I promptly forgot it. ;( *is displeased* Specter it is, for now. :3
Point 4: I forgot already.

I originally planned to add in the wing and do all the scritchyscratchey line things (I forgot the proper term for them... not cross-hatching...) to make it pretty and nice. And then I got lazy and tired and really really busy with stuff. I don't even know what stuff anymore. Income statements more like than not. ;p

And that is that. As for commenting, I promise to be of the reading, but my internet connection drops whenever the phone rings (o.O;;) so I tend to close the window in rage and storm off to do something else until it resets. Which means I tend to close whatever comment I was writing in the process. D: That and I have a ridiculous number of sales posts on my f-list. Everyone's out to tempt me with shiny I think.

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