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This has been one of those weeks (...months?) wherein a lot seems to be happening but nothing really is. I'm still horribly tired--although I can't figure out a reason for it. I'm not sick anymore, I've been sleeping regular hours, and it's not as if the studying business is very strenuous at all.

Speaking of school, this is what I'm doing in my Math class. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry to be doing this after all the Calculus and Algebra of the past year (...and really, the majority of high school). My other classes are easy too... just a lot of reading for the most part.

I've also found out random people go to Sheridan too. I mean, I know Matt and Janice, but apparently so does Gavin and Nabeel, and I ran into John K. there the other day too. Oh oh, and Creepy Eric from summer school way back when. Didn't talk to him though. He looks exactly the same, down to the MP3 player he's constantly listening to.

I've been trying to write fanfic and failing. Miserably. *is sad* But! I still went and finally made buttons for my writing journal.


Nothing much to them, but I thought they were pretty and I think I'm happy. ^^

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