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Ouran 25 makes me want to cry. Stupid father, stupid grandmother, stupid Ohtori bastard! Stupid chocolate girl! *cuddles her boys unhappily* I know it's needed for TEH DRAMAZ and the FINAL EPISODE jazz but... but... Haruhi and the boys look so sad. :(

Stupid chocolate girl. All her fault.

What kind of bastard slaps their grown son in public, anyway? He acts like he's in a fishmarket, not polite society. D:

First time I've seen FrOP and LUNAR both racing like hell to get this thing subbed though. Usually the next episode's out by the time they sub it. Why are the Ouran communities so remarkably quiet about all this? I would think Tamaki/Haruhi shippers would be bouncing around the internets with glee. And yet nooothing. I want the manga. Do I know anyone who has it past vol. 6?

...Stupid chocolate girl.

*coughs* In other news, there's a mosquito on my ceiling and I can't reach it.
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