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Update in the life of me!

I never did write anything about Flounder's birthday, did I? Alas. Well... it was fun. Dan didn't get to come (:O It's because you owe me money, isn't it! *is on to you ;p*) but we went bowling. I have not gone bowling in something around 6 years? 8? More? so I was impressed when I actually managed to win one round. ;p Kate and the boyfriend were fighting in the background, but all was well anyway. Jamie reminded me of Sarah in her burning desire to WIN. When we wandered off to dinner with Leo in tow (hee he showed up :3) wherein Steph ate food, had large amounts of conversation with everyone (impressed? You should be ;p), watched Jamie get tipsy after a single martini and Flounder try to. Movie was The Covenant which was terrible though it had beautiful boys and decent music, and thus Leo and I spent the majority of it snarking about it and comparing it to DBZ. Always fun. Got home around midnight since Kate's boyfriend (oh dear, I feel bad that I can't remember his name) drove me home. Which was nice to do for someone he'd just met.

Ahm... got my Accounting test back. 57. I was shocked, horrified, and about ready to cry. And then he gave it back to see how he marked it. I began to burn with rage. He is such an asshole in his marking, I have never seen someone do something like that. I calculated what I would've gotten if he'd done it like any sane teacher might, and it was an 89. He took off nine marks because I did not space my entries into every other line. NINE. And this was taking off marks from the number I'd already gotten, not out of the total. There were three questions and he did this for each and every one. When I asked why as a) he's never told us that we had to until the morning when he gave back the test and b) he said he wasn't going to be marking formatting, he said that it was because this way, I'd never forget it for the rest of my life. I wanted to hit him over the head with a blunt object.

BUT! Aside from those things, I finished another chapter of All Year Around Falling in Love. :3 Miya, you had better be happy! ^__^


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