Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


Like I told/am telling Meagan right now, my screen is currently turned 90 degrees to the left, which makes this a most interesting experience. And people are staring at me oddly. This just makes the experience that much more amusing.

Am printing fanfic. Because of course, this is what Steph does when you tell me I get free unlimited printing. Unfortunately, the printer has run out of paper, and I with about twenty pages of slashy HP fanfic in queue. *snorts* Who said I ever left high school? I remember this totally defined senior year.

Also: totally random pretty boy walked past me. I could've sworn that was Frank, but hell isn't he supposed to be going to some crazy police academy? Or was that him??? @.@; Shit. Pretty. I need to investigate/inquire/stalk.


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