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My mother spilled water on my latest drawing, thereby making the shading (done deliberately lightly for the whole contrast business) somewhat useless now. I can still work with it, despite the fact that there is a huge spot of crinkled paper across half the face, but it'll not look how I want it to look. But hey, I've only worked on it a week or two, though that's a lot compared to the three hours stuff usually takes me. Whatever.

And then my mother tells me "Oh, it's just water. :3 Oops."

...Oh, well, okay then. Sunshine and daisies and sparkly pink lollipops, then.

I think I have a right to be upset about someone spilling water on something they should probably know not to touch in the first place. But whatever, company was over, no need for either of us to make a big fuss, right?

Later though, "Stop putting so much of your heart into useless stuff like this, and spend more time on your homework."

Yes ma'am.

I mean, I know she didn't mean it badly... midterms are coming up and I should be studying but... damn, is it so hard to see this stuff is important to me?

Hehe, well I should be used to it by now. When's it ever been any different, anyway? ;p

Three midterms next week: Marketing, Human Resources, and Computers. The last should be a breeze. I hope. It's on Word. The first two sound like they need a lot of reading. Righto.

My headache's come back. I hate waking up to bad weather.

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