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Steph: you know something I've gone and realized?
Steph: with a sinking feeling of HORROR?
Caelin: um.. you're not wearing underwear in a public place?
Caelin: Gackt's legs really ARE made of snakeskin synthetics?
Caelin: Cloud ends up with Tifa??
Steph: well the first wouldn't bother me as I assume I'd still be wearing pants, Gackt's legs are made of plastic just like the rest of him, and... I don't want to think about that last one.
Steph: but no, I don't know where my Mana drawing is D:
Steph: the large one. With the red and theblue and the gigantic.
Steph: It's GONE ;o;
Caelin: ah ha ha
Caelin: and that is sad
Steph: it is???
Steph: how the hell does something that big just disappear like that???
Steph: without my knowledge????
Steph: er.. that first, was !!!! not ???
Steph: @.@:
Caelin: well you see, they constructed this giant slingshot made entirely of fermented grapevines and the innards of three hundred sacrificed rabbits
Caelin: then, once this was done, the filled the sling with the souls of five million children, and flung it into space
Caelin: once there, theses souls merged with a single spec of dust, which gave birth to a new planet
Caelin: this planet then grew life, and they yearned to return to their home soil
Caelin: so after constructing another, this time a giant flying whale, they returned to earth, entered your window and abducted the first thing they saw as an  example of the culture on this planet
Caelin: it's where all the gothic lolita children came from
Steph: ....that made me love you
Steph: *dead*
Caelin: <3

In other news, people suck. Like... royally. ;p

The thing I hate most (aside from being scared and publicly humiliated) is being stood up. So I went to the group meeting that was arranged to be today  where we were going to work on highlighting articles and think about writing up the one-page outline that's due in about two weeks. Now, as I have Mondays off, this required me to go to school just to see these people. So I do. I show up and no one's there. Okay fine, I'm three minutes early, I'll sit down and wait. I sit down and wait. I stay there for over two hours, getting more and more furious as I wait (anyone who was online at the time can probably remember the RAGE) before I figure "fuck this, going home". I'm going to see them in Accounting tomorrow and I am going to kick their collective asses. :3

...Somehow I know this is going to end up with them glaring at me and going "why didn't you show?? ;o;" because they screwed up the meeting time or place or something. I am not going to let this ruin my RIGHTEOUS FURY. ^_^

(No, I'm not mad, but I was annoyed. And it will make me feel better to yell at them. ^_^)
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