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I have finally finished the second chapter. *collapses* I do believe I only start writing fanfic whenever I have something incredibly big that needs to be handed in. Then I start writing fanfic like crazy and ignore whatever large assignment that needs to be handed in the next day. I'm strange. And courting failure. *runs away*

Chapter Two

Note: ^^;; I have somehow managed to make myself out to be unable to count to four. There are four Laruku members, not five. *repeats to self* It has not sunk in yet it seems…

2nd Note: I've mentioned this before. But perhaps you might notice it now. See if you can recognize some of the fangirls in this chapter. I wasn't able to include a lot more that I'd expected to, but a lot more are going to appear in the next chapter. I hope you won't be offended if something happens you don't like. >.<


“So… how are we supposed to know who she is again?” Yuki mused as he and Ken walked through the departure gate first, a large Blue Jays jersey hastily pulled on over his clothes, his hair tightly tied back and stuffed through the back of a matching baseball cap. (Ken didn’t have the heart to tell him that the kind girl who’d helped him manage his hair had also had it braided, and there was a little blue ribbon tied into a bow to it as well.) His own attempt at disguising himself was a lot better than Yuki’s half-assed attempt. He looked… well, he looked Russian. None of the others were quite sure how a Japanese man of Ken’s stature could manage to look Russian. But he did.

Hyde and Tetsu were following from a safe distance behind, the first dolled up neatly with a large stuffed vulture perched neatly on a big red hat, and a large leopard-print coat. The others weren’t quite sure what he was attempting to disguise himself as… unless it was a very fashion-challenged woman. If that were the case, he’d gotten it spot on. All he really needed to complete the look was a large red handbag. He had to keep looking over his shoulder nervously at a girl who looked quite ready to glomp him. She also appeared to be staring at his coat intently, with a murderous expression on her face. Did… she want… the coat…?

Tetsu… well, Tetsu looked short. It must’ve been the fact that he had been denied his neon-green platforms and had been handed a pair of sandals instead. He’d also had a baseball cap stuck over his head, and he had a lollipop in his mouth. Disguised enough. No one would recognize him without those platforms.
Ken shrugged, “The one who’ll scream ‘Ahhhh!!! It’s Laruku!!’ first I assume?”

Yuki frowned, “You really think she’d give us away that easy?”

Ken looked at him, and shook his head with disbelief. “You need more fangirls.”

Yukihiro smiled good-naturedly, “I’m working on it.” He replied easily.

They scanned the faces, feeling rather odd for once that they had not been instantly bombarded with squealing fans. It was a novelty, something that they rarely experienced. It wasn’t entirely all that bad, either.

“I guess she didn’t tell anyone,” Yukihiro muttered beneath his breath to his companion. Ken looked at him darkly, “Someone who’d drag us all the way over here? You don’t think she’ll immediately ring up every crazy kid she knows to tell them, ‘Oh! Come over quickly! I’ve got some new j-rockers to moon over!’?”

“Actually, I’d planned that for when I kidnapped Dir En Grey,” a voice said dryly from behind them. “Thank goodness you’ve made me see the error of my ways.”

They spun around to face a young teen, dressed casually in a red sweater and black slacks, her arms crossed over her chest. “Konnichiwa, Ken-san, Yukihiro-san. Welcome to Canada.” Despite the obvious sarcasm, Yuki was quite sure he’d seen her visibly flinch.

Ken had the decency to flush. “Um…” he mumbled, looking away, “Yeah… sorry about that…”

Hyde and Tetsu appeared on the scene a few seconds later, eyeing the girl warily, as if waiting for her to pounce. She did a double-take when she took a good look at what Hyde was wearing, and instantly, her face changed, and she appeared to be unable to hide a grin.

Then she shook her head, and beamed at them all. “It’s so nice to be able to meet you.”



Well, I should’ve guessed they wouldn’t take well to being brought over here…

And… what was Haido-san wearing?

Come to think of it… what were they all wearing?

I couldn’t help but let a giggle escape. They all looked so… I had to say it… they all looked so cute!! Trying so hard to be in disguise and only succeeding in drawing more attention to them!

Grinning, I held out a hand to Yuki. He appeared to blink down at it, as if confused. I was also quite sure he flicked an uncertain glance at his band members. Which didn’t really help matters much. What was I doing wrong now?

But then he caught up my hand just as I was about to falter and give up on shaking hands after all, and he smiled. He smiled! Squee!!

I hugged him. I can’t help it. I hug everyone. It’s not just a fangirl instinct (though I’m quite sure, that played a large part in it too…) I swear!

He jerked with surprise obviously not used to the contact, but I’d let go by them, and was beaming up at him.

The process was soon repeated with all four band members. Rinse and repeat indeed.
I came to Ken last. He still looked uncomfortable. Not that the rest of them didn’t, but he looked it the most. So he really was polite. That made me grin. Smoking sexpot, lyrical badass… and polite? It seemed entirely not real.

Then again, all of it did. Who’d have thought I’d be facing my favorite j-rockers and I would be… well… normal? Bwahahahaha. I'm odd.

I grabbed him and hugged him anyway. Can’t begrudge a man for what they really think, even if he could’ve been more tactful as to when and where he said it. Or really, how loud.

“Now an odd question… but did you happen to announce that you’d be coming to your respective fan clubs? I.e. give them my address?”


They stared blankly.

Why was she accusing them of giving away their location? Weren’t they the rock stars being pursued by mad, raging fans? (Here Hyde turned to look over his shoulder at the girl who still appeared to be eyeing his coat evilly… and was now also holding a large white sign with the words “I write kinky fanfiction about you, wanna see?” scribbled on it in black marker.) He contemplated whether to be terrified or to grin.

“Why would we?” put in Hyde bluntly, the first words he’d spoken since he’d caught sight of her and had been unceremoniously hugged. Not quite sure if this was the custom in this country, he’d borne it with relative equanimity. He noted vaguely to himself that he hadn’t even smiled once. Not overly polite of him, but he wasn’t quite sure he cared at this point.”

“Because,” she replied with a shrug, “I just had to drive off several dozen fan girls off my property, the majority of whom carried banners that sported the names of your fan clubs.”

They frowned.

She continued, “And I happen to know your fan clubs don’t extend outside of Japan.” She cocked her head thoughtfully, “But the majority of them had Hydeist banners. And t-shirts. And those little pins they had on their bags…” she looked up at Hyde especially, “So I just wanted to know if you actually wanted them around, or if they just happened to find out elsewhere. Because if you really did want the publicity, you needn’t have advertised fans all the way from Japan…” she smiled cheerfully.

Come to think of it, did she ever not smile? The odd child…

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter I guess…” she shrugged, “Come on, let’s get your stuff.”

And… that was it? No sudden wild glomp, no loud eardrum-blowing shriek? Was this the same crazy fangirl they’d been dreading to find?

Yes. She had to be. After all, what other kind of girl would drag four grown men with busy schedules away from their lives on some selfish whim across that bloody ocean?

Ken frowned uncertainly as he pulled up the collar of his large overcoat, slightly confused over the proceedings. This was… not what he’d expected. But there’s plenty of time for the kid to show her true colors, he reflected as he trudged along at the end of the procession to the luggage pick-up, noting distantly to himself that she seemed to be having an unusually interesting conversation with Yukihiro rather than with Hyde—which he’d expected. I’m sure she’ll turn out to be the kind of girl who’ll turn this week into a living hell.


He came out of his thoughts and looked just in time to see the girl (it occurred to him that she hadn’t even told them her name) careen past sitting on a loaded cart stacked with several suitcases swinging her purse overhead like a lasso, significantly shortened so as not to hit… Yuki?! over the head, as he pushed her along.

They made a tight u-turn, which involved a near-collision with another couple’s luggage cart, missing a large potted plant (who would put such a conspicuous miniature palm tree right smack there beside the waiting benches anyway?!) and nearly dumping said girl and said luggage on the floor. Having returned, she vaulted off it serenely, smoothing down the front of her sweater as she did so, a contrast to the grinning Yuki still holding the bars to the cart.

Tetsu, unable to keep a slight smile off his face, gently took the cart away from him. “You’re a danger to society,” he told him bluntly, but there was laughter in his eyes. Hyde, still putting his luggage on another cart, failed to give a notable response.

For the usually polite lead vocalist, Hyde was being positively surly, they noticed.

Yuki let go quietly, the laughter quite gone by that time, but there was still a small smile on his face. Ken vaguely wondered, exactly what had made him look so very nearly post-orgasmic. It couldn’t be her conversation, surely. She didn’t look the type to have such sparkling wit as to catch Yuki out of his “I don’t talk, period.” phase. No, not phase. Life. It was actually nice to know the guy could still lighten up. You didn't see that often.

The girl grinned, “C’mon!!” she called gaily, her rather crazy-looking brown hide bag safely hanging from her shoulder again, and no longer being wielded like an unusual mace of some sort. “It’ll take a bit of work, possibly a bit of cramming, to get all that stuff in my trunk, but I’m sure we’ll manage.”

She paused when they passed some sort of fast-food stand as they pushed the luggage carts along in front of them, “Any of you hungry? We could get a bite to eat here, but if you’re willing to wait, we can gorge on Italian after we drop your stuff off.”
Tetsu had the feeling she’d noticed Hyde’s ears appear to perk up at the mention of food because she added, “Or we could do both…”

They could almost see him on the verge of visibly warming up to the strange little girl after all.


I don’t think Hyde wanted to talk.

How did I get this impression? His distinct lack of facial expression, except maybe, for that slightly petulant pout. Did not make him any less sexy, but I doubt this was the right time to jump him and possibly offer him sexual favors.

Tetsu appeared to be trying to talk to him anyway, so I left the two of them to do that. Ken looked like he was sulking. Can’t blame him for that, I guess. Yukihiro was quiet. Then again, there was the impression that he was always quiet.

Tsk, tsk, must remedy this.

“So, how do you do it?”

He looked at me and blinked, “Eh?” he asked, not entirely sure what I was on about. Oops. There had been words before that, honestly. I just figured myself to already have spoken them. Silly me and my lack of interaction with the real world.

“Drums,” I clarified, “Them things you play. How can you do it? I mean, how can you concentrate on playing one if you’ve got to be playing another at the same time?”

“Well… practice, I guess.”

I… don’t think that was a satisfactory answer. Insert raised eyebrow here.

“Well, I don’t know… you start learning with one I guess. Like the snare. Then you add on to it. I think it’s easy when you’ve got the beat, and…” he trailed off, unsure of whether or not to continue.

Well, why wouldn’t he continue? I wanted to know.

“And…? See, elementary days, we had to pick instruments we wanted to play. I picked drums. Had fun with the snare drum, but didn’t get to play it all that often since the boys were like ‘My drum (point to snare), your drum (point to bass drum)’.” I frowned, grimacing at old memories. “Bloody bass drum. I did well in music because it my part was silly. Whap! One, two, three, four, Whap! Whap! Two, three four…” Frown deepened, “And that’s a really heavy drum should it fall on your toe.”

He stared, “You dropped a bass drum on your toe? How?” I was quite sure he was imagining the bass drum still connected to the band kit. Not the one I'm thinking of.

I shrugged, “I don’t know! I blame stand. One minute it was sitting on that (rickety) stand, and I was sitting in front of it, not paying attention to anything really and busy singing something-or-other to myself. And then suddenly, where did drum go?! Then, ow, bloody hell ow, my foot is in pain, and I’m staring at that bass drum on the floor on my foot. I’m still convinced that thing was leering at me.”

“That has… never happened to me.”

“No, but hey, at least it didn’t try to eat me,” I replied cheerfully. Seeing his blank look, I elaborated, “I have always had the sneaking suspicion that if I had been sitting on just the one side of the drum, it would have fallen over sideways, and engulfed me with that hole in its side. Inanimate objects have a way of doing that.”

He looked confused. But not as if he was mad about it. Or annoyed. So much to the good. “I’ve… never had a bass drum attempt to do that to me…”

“Well, I assume that’s because on a band kit, it’s always firmly anchored somewhere nearer to the ground. And because you’re Yukihiro. If it ate you, international fangirls would unite and beat it out of its existence.”

I was surprised to find him laughing. Eh, didn’t expect it to be that funny. Shrug. Take it as a well-received complement.

“Don’t think I have enough fangirls to make much of a sizable dent in a drum…” was his next comment.

Self-deprecating, anyone? I think so. Won’t do.

I laughed. “You’ve obviously never actually gone looking… you’d find plenty. For example,” I added, “I’m quite sure I would be one of those raging fangirls. One (or in this case, inanimate object) can’t simply engulf Acid Android’s main bit player and not expect there to be hell to pay.”

He grinned then, “Nice to be appreciated.”

And then we were picking out their luggage from all the rest.

Wow. They had luggage. They had lots and lots and lots of luggage.

It was impressive.

Eh, it’ll fit. Never mind my little Toyota Camry is a… little Toyota Camry… with a small trunk…

Eh, it’ll fit.

They, able to recognize their luggage, were in charge of snatching them up as they came by, and I was in charge of piling them neatly on the cart(s). Having accomplished the majority of this, we stepped back while Tetsu and Hyde took over and began collecting the rest.

I think both Yuki and I saw the little kid bouncing up and down from his perch on his father’s luggage as they pushed him around, because we exchanged a look right then and there… and grinned widely. Possibly evilly. I’m not sure. But I sure as hell was up for making an ass of myself in the middle of a crowded airport. I was with L’arc~en~ciel after all!!

When Yuki grabbed the handles of the cart in obvious invitation, my grin stretched even wider and I leaped on.

We were off, Yuki running as fast as he could, me swinging my purse over our heads, and the both of us yelling like hooligans. “WHOOOO!!

We coasted for a bit, right past a startled Ken in fact, who stared at us as if we were insane. Then we made a sharp U-turn (near ending with a headlong collision with marble tile in my case) and drew back alongside a madly grinning Tetsu. I leaped off, managing my best serene smile as I did so, and replaced my bag back to its rightful place hanging from my shoulder.

Then I couldn’t help it. See me unable to stop grinning.

People were staring. I wasn’t quite sure I cared.

We passed by Harvey’s on the way to the East exit.

Come to think of it, had they eaten? What time was it supposed to be now in Japan?

Doesn’t hurt to ask I guess.

“Any of you hungry?” Mad gesturing towards said fast-food booth here. Because... yum.

Then idea came to me. And of course, it was food-related. What can I say? I like food. “Or, we could go out after stashing your stuff at my place and have Italian.”

Although… that poutine that girl is holding does look rather good…

“Or both!”

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Because at that moment, a tall girl with about five feet of silver hair tackled the vocalist, screaming “HAIDO-SAMA!!!!!!!!!” and appeared to be trying to kiss him. I think she succeeded too.

… I didn’t blame her. He was very sexy. Even if he was pouting.

More people turned to stare at Hyde, (more because eyes were still being drawn by his… clothes.)

I was quite sure I knew who she was.

Of course, I didn’t really get a chance to say anything, because the next thing I knew, I’d been bodily picked up and set on the luggage cart once again, and we were careening towards the doors. Hyde, having extricated himself somehow, had tossed her his hat by means of pacifying her long enough to start running away.

I think we made quite a commotion.

Shrug. Who cares about them? This was fun!

I know. I have a strange sense of fun. What can I say?

In any case, miraculously, by dint of disregarding several rules in the airport (i.e. going up the Down escalator—with the carts!!—and nearly upsetting several kiosks) we appeared to have lost them.

I stared at the five of us, reasonably disheveled and Hyde missing his hat.

I burst out laughing.

And the odd thing was… they joined in.

I mean, this was an odd thing for me. I was not usually stampeded after by fangirls. They were. This shouldn’t have appeared so odd to them. Shrug. Good to know they saw the humor in it all.

“Come on,” I said, “Car’s in that direction.”

It was a marvel how we ever got their things into that trunk. Poor trunk. I patted it.
In any case, another large problem was who’d be lucky enough escape the backseat and ride shotgun.

Said problem ended up in a ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ game. Tetsu won. And so he strutted. Even though when Ken commented on this, Tetsu swore he was doing no such thing.

The other three pouted. Kowaii~!!

It was positively picture-worthy. And here I was bereft of a camera.

Nothing new in that I suppose… I don’t believe I ever really take pictures of anything. Sigh.

“Wait… you’re allowed to drive?”

Hyde was looking at me suspiciously.

I nodded, “Yup.”

“You’re legally allowed to drive?” Suspicious stare.

Eh, what d'you expect? Adults always think you're too you when you're younger than they are.


Tetsu grinned, “I think what he’s trying to say,” he interrupted airily, “is that he fears for his life.”

“Oh. Fair enough. Well, let’s put it this way. I’m not driving illegally

?” It looked like the word had slipped out before he realized because he instantly corrected himself, “What?”

“Oh you know, G1 license only, can’t drive without an adult…” I grinned, “But hey, you wouldn’t have liked the tight fit if I’d brought someone else along… Besides, you all have licenses, so I’m quite sure it counts. In you go.”


They looked at each other with some apprehension. And a little confusion.

“How do you know—?”

“That you can drive?” she finished when he trailed off. She smiled a little, “Didn’t you know I’m a fan?”

They were silent for a moment, for the first time considering that they actually might have fans, real fans, outside of Asia.

“It makes sense anyway doesn’t it? One would hope that by now you’d all be able to drive. But it’s just another one of those tidbits you find when one reads your interviews/articles.”

She waved a hand airily, “But! That’s neither here nor now. Come on, I’m starving.” She pointed at Hyde, who had looked up the moment she’d mentioned food. “And so is he. Onwards!”

So they got in. She drove.

They’d been expecting her to immediately put on a Laruku CD and blast it. Perhaps not even that. Perhaps even an Ayumi CD. Or whatever young popster these Canadian girls listened to nowadays.

They were quite surprised to see her nonchalantly put in a cassette tape. There was no CD player.

And then Marilyn Manson blasted from the speakers.

And she belted the lyrics out along with it, quite unashamedly, as if quite unaware that the others were staring. Or if she was aware, they weren’t quite sure she cared.

And she looked as if she were enjoying herself.

After a little while however, she turned it down, just a bit lower so that they could all hear each other again. “So… have you ever been around here before?”

“Canada you mean?” Tetsu replied, “I haven’t.”

The rest of them shook their heads.

“Smashing. I now have something to work with as to what to do with you.”

“What, no parading us around like nattily-dressed trophies?” Ken muttered, before immediately putting a hand to his mouth and grimacing. “Oops.”

Because that had been the end of the song. And they’d all heard.

He had the best timing… and he was about to hit himself upside the head for it to.

Yuki looked like he was considering this course of action himself.

She blinked, then looked slightly crestfallen, then smiled again. It was an odd shift of facial features, all within the same thirty seconds. “That’ll come later,” she replied, “When you want to shake your sexy ass in front of a bunch of teenaged girls, then we’ll talk.”

There was silence as a new song started up, filling the silence. Ken wasn’t sure whether or not to smile, or groan. The mental image seemed tempting.

“And,” she added grinning, “I think the problem we’ve just solved the problem of who gets couch duty.”

Ken groaned, slumping downwards.

This immediately called the other two men in the back to complain, seeing as he was taking up a lot more space in doing so.

“Almost home,” She told them cheerfully. “You might want to shy away from the windows around now… might make all my hard work for nothing if any of the fangirls see you.”

But they cruised past the danger area with relative ease. And when she stopped the car, they got out to be faced with their new home.

For the next week that is.


End of Chapter Two.

It's a bit shorter and bit more... well... I like it a little less than the first chapter. Eh, shrug. Now. Excuse me while I go and indulge both Aya and myself in writing Sadist!Hyde smutty fanfic.

I have a feeling it's going to involve Tetsu. I think that makes it ever so much better.
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  • Place of my own

    Someone tried to impress upon me yesterday the absolute uncoolness that was still having an LJ - but really, the only difference between the two of…

  • So this is what three years looks like

    It's funny how our lives seem to fall into a circular pattern. The day after I seriously got down to drafting FFVII fanfic again, the FFVII remake…

  • This is getting ridiculous

    So I just realized my header image for dearestophelia's profile was removed by Imageshack for being pornographic in nature. What dire…