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Talking now for I will have no time later. If you haven't heard, I'm doing NaNo this year. And, surprise, surprise, I've already fallen way behind. ;p Still, I like the plot that my brain's come up with this year (...not that's it's much of a plot, just a series of scenes in my head that would like to meet up somehow) so here's hoping I have the time, patience, mental capacity, and cheese to get through this in one piece.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,010 / 50,000

In other news, I'm facing my Accounting teacher tomorrow and my test. I want to know why. And I am literally going to rip him apart if it's because of his messed-up marking again. Apart, I say! With spoons.

Fic will be slow, because of the obvious. Flashfic still needs to be written, yeah, yeah, but my brain simply can't wrap around Kyouya/Kaoru in any way, platonic or no. And asking me to go without dialogue is like asking me to cut off my head. Shrug.

Oh and I also drew stuff.

Didn't like it, especially the fact that it looks way, way too much like Youka Nitta's stuff. Can't you see it? I see it. =( Don't get me wrong, I love her stuff to bits, but everytime I try something original, it looks like somebody else's stuff. Boo. So I decided to try again.

I sketched out the pose from a picture somewhere because my dolls weren't co-operating and my mind was broken by that time. I think I'm happy with it okay. Just don't look as surprised as they did before I inked, which was the whole point. Not exactly how I pictured them, and I had to fiddle around too much with the hair on both of them but I got the 'horns' in and the wings don't look as terrible as when they started out. Feathers suck. Therefore demons are sexier. Evil's hot. Q.E.D.

I sleep now.
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