Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


I now... have a whip.


Yes I do. And I'm busy whipping it around and having fun doing so. Yes, while I'm at my computer. Yes I have also knocked things down. But I'm still having fun.

I also believe I may actually be able to be in costume for Anime North. *grins insanely* Thanks to Alex, and her ability to sew. Which I of course, do not possess. All I need now is... pink hair. oO

I also do not plan that to be my only costume. *grins evilly some more* Sibyl is providing me with leather. Lots and lots of leather. And of course, my new (fake) leather whip is entirely part of said ensemble. Muahahahha. I go from thinking of cosplaying Hyde to becoming random bondage chick #6.

Eh, all in a day's work I suppose. Muahahaha. *goes off to look for said pink hair*
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