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If I were anyone else, I'd be f-locking from now on, IP-logging, being suspicious and generally snarky like people keep telling me to do. ;p Honestly though, I couldn't be more amused, and if any other Bible-toting fire-and-brimstone speakers want to discuss the specifics of my immortal soul, I'll... probably not discuss it, but I will mock cheerfully.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,332 / 50,000

As you can see, I made progress. :3

It's not as pretty as the other bar, but meh, I'm in the mood for functionality more so than shiny right now. I'm also in the mood for a nap, but NOT BEFORE MORE TROLL FODDER!

So the night before my Marketing assignment was due, I was procrastinating and procrastinating well. Caelin demanded that I ink more, and I immediately perked up and asked what. She asked for Sloth or Sephiroth on a chocobo. I said "why not both?" though as I complained about drawing more feathers, I imagined Sephiroth riding a giantic skeletal/bone chocobo. Which would also be hard but such fun that I want to try. That'll come later, anyhow.

I started on Sloth because he's easy and humanoid and doesn't have feathers. Then I promptly cut off the bottom half because his hand/hips made no sense. (Now the shirt makes no sense, but down let that stop you.)

Pretty? Yes, I thought so, with the eyes and the smirking and the disheveled hair. *purrs over own work as she rarely does* Apparently Caelin thought so too because she took that picture (yes, crappy digiral camera photo that it was with all the pencil lines) and colored it. <3

Isn't it shiny? *is ever-awed to see stuff of mine actually colored in PS*

Does anyone else have something I could draw/write? NaNo aside, I want something fun to work on in between the homework and the projects and the studying. I'm looking plaintively at you, Laura and Sarah since you two tend to have the wackiest ideas of them all. ^.^
In th emeantime, naptime some more. *zoom* Whether or not I write more NaNo and/or Pirate!Axel fic comes from that ^_^*
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